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Today, in modren era the spread of liberalisation and globalisation has given birth to neo-colonisation which has taken developing countries under its way. In the present scenario the worth of man is related to his materialistic possession. Under such social conditions, all have joined the race to accumulate maximum wealth. This race has distorted the thinking of man. Student life is that phase of life, where his mind is not mature so there is a danger of his going astray. After reviewing their achievements, I am greatly satisfied that our youth is aware of Sikh culture, Sikh tradition and Sikh tents.

With best wishes,

Adv. S. Harjinder Singh Dhami

President,S.G.P.C Sri Amritsar Sahib

Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Sri Amritsar (SGPC), an apex body of the Sikhs residing all over the world, is a religious charitable and humanitarian organization. Besides managing the Sikh shrines, it runs a number of educational institutions, charitable hospitals, saraya and homes for the physically/mentally challenged people. Though the primary objective of the SGPC is religious, it also performs multidimensional functions for inculcating high ethical values, a humanistic outlook, healthy habits and scientific temper among the community through its educational institutions. SGPC earnestly realizes the need to make its contribution in the field of education in order to serve society in a much more holistic way. Education in Sikhism means continuous development and integration of the human personality. It aims at widening the wisdom horizon of a person for the development of spiritual tendencies.

        We firmly believe in “Contemplate & reflect upon knowledge and You become a benefactor to others” The major contribution of SGPC lies in making primary and higher education accessible to the common people, especially in the remote areas of the region. As head of the SGPC, the supreme body of the Sikhs, it has been our earnest effort to establish institutions of higher education imparting education in diverse fields. At present SGPC is running 52 schools and 32 institutions of higher education including 4 engineering institutes and 1 medical colleges and 1 University. We are committed to providing such a learning environment in our institutions that not only protects and nourishes the creativity of the students but also makes them good and responsible citizens. The SGPC is conscious of the changing trends in education and is therefore taking bold steps in this direction to negotiate with international universities and organizations so as to meet the international standards in education and explore new vistas of knowledge in order to enable our youth to touch new heights in life. A lot has been done in the last few decades and still more needs to be done in the years to come. Hence, we are committed to putting our all efforts to strengthen our educational institutions in order to impart value-based quality education as well as making it accessible and affordable for all. May WAHEGURU be our inspiration and strength through this endeavour.

Best wishes!  

S. Sukhminder Singh

Secretary Education,SGPC

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