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About Bhupindra Khalsa Sr. Sec. School

Bhupindra Khalsa Sr. Sec. School, was established in 1914 by Maharaja of Patiala, S. Bhupindra Singh. The school affiliated from Punjab School Education Board in the year 1969. It was actually the dream project of Late Captain S. Gurdit Singh. The campus is now built with extensive lush green lawns, flower beds and lots of greenery.

It provides quality education to the students from Moga and the surrounding towns of Dharamkot, Talwandi, Bhagapurna and nearby villages.

The school lives up to its motto to provide a well-balanced education whereby each child is provided with an opportunity to develop his/her talent and excel in life, using his/her strengths. We believe that education is an enjoyable interactive ongoing process. Our objective is to inculcate a positive attitude, imbibe social and moral values and encourage originality. Our goal is to bring up children who raise questions from independent hypotheses and develop an inquisitive mind.

Our Philosophy

We are committed to Excellence in the provision of value-based education. This commitment shall reflect in our comprehensive programmes, educational services to students, professionalism of faculty and staff and a regimented campus discipline.

Our Principle's

We shall encourage and recognize excellence in learning as the principal pursuit of our students, in teaching as the principal pursuit of our faculty; and in serving as the principal pursuit of our administration and management.

Key Of Success

We happen to be the harbingers of quality and high-class education. True Education is the training of both the head & heart. Intellectual education influences the head, value-based education influences the heart.

Our School

The school has a comprehensive and well-planned operating area which gives a sound base to its everyday operations. The School Campus is divided into four blocks to accommodate the nursery, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary wings. The blocks contain suitable amenities according to the age group they cater to.

Sport Activities

Bhupindra Khalsa Sr. Sec. School, provides a frolicsome sports atmosphere for the students who are appreciatively zealous about various sports related activities. We emphasize the importance of sports in a child’s life and how to incorporate it with academics. A large number of Inter-House and Inter-School competitions were organized in which our students participated and won laurels.

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